Catching You Up to Speed

Hey everyone! Just wanted to take a moment to explain everything that is going on and why video production has almost come to a stand still. With the holiday season approaching, my job has been pretty much been taking up all my time. Also, I’ve been on and off different medication for anxiety, depression, migraines and others (I have a lot of social disorders and hyperthyroidism) to help me sleep and cope with everyday stuff. Some work to well to the point where I am the walking dead and others seem to do the opposite of what it is suppose to do. Finding the right balance of meds can be a tricky thing. Since some work for others, but not for some and if you find something that works, it might not work with another med you are taking. I went through a phase for a few weeks where I wasn’t sleeping, just passing out when I could. Everything was messed up for awhile, but I feel like things are bouncing back to normal, so I am taking advantage of this feeling and trying to get ahead of the videos while I can. My biggest apologies goes to Steve Jencks, since I owe him about two videos by now!


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