In Case You Were Wondering…

Creative block. It’s a bitch.
With all this time off, you think I’d have more accomplished. Yeah I thought so too. Seems like there are more down days than up days… these days. But I assure you, plenty of goodies are in the works. For starters, a new Goon review is quickly coming together (gotta love it when you watch a film and the script pretty much writes itself) and yes, it will be a continuation of the last episodes cliffhanger. I’ve also been gathering a list of upcoming horror films for 2012 for a website. I’ll post the link to that once it’s up. Also been making a lot of 11×17 posters, which can be viewed right here! Working on a Hunter Thompson one too, which I’m hoping to have finished by the 20th of February. Alright, back to work!


2 thoughts on “In Case You Were Wondering…

  1. Dude! I love your art. Anyone who can make Connery from Zardoz look cool, and dare I say, bad-ass, is the SHITE! I’ve got to hire you to make me an awesome portrait/avatar.

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