11/03/12 Horror Pop Culture

Horror Pop Culture is a weekly column that I write for Aaron Sager’s Paranormal Pop Culture

Ok, I don’t who came up with this combination or the name, but… the person is clearly a genius on a level that we cannot comprehend. What’s even better is there is nothing cryptic about the title. It’s exactly what you think it is: A tornado made of sharks. I don’t care how scientifically impossible this is, this is something that must be seen. So ignore the fact that sharks can’t breathe outside of water or the fact that they are swirling around in the sky and hundreds of miles per hour, just keep checking back for more news. In the meantime, peep this art!

Stephen King’s Cell Calls John Cusack
Here’s something we’ve been hearing about for a while now. Turns out John Cusack is set star in Stephen King’s Cell, paring back up with most of the crew from 1408, another Stephen King adaptation he starred in. Cell tells the story about a father trying to find his wife and some after cell’s put out a devastating pulse. King himself co-wrote the screenplay with Last House on the Left screenwriter Adam Alleca. This sounds like it’s shaping up to be a good movie, so let’s hope they find a worthy director. Frank Darabont, hopefully? Maybe? Wishful thinking, but he did a good job with The Mist.

(Via Dread Central)

Check out the Necronomicon, Regardless of Warnings!
Necronomicon Ex Mortis. Roughly translated: The Book of the Dead. Did you know the original Evil Dead was going to be called ‘The Book of the Dead’, but they felt audiences would be turned off by the name, feeling like they would have to read? Anyway, this week we got a glimpse of the famous Necronomicon as it appears in the Evil Dead remake. My first impression… holy awesomeness. The thing looks like Leatherface stitched it together with skin from his victims. And is that hair on the top of it? Hopefully it’s not back hair. Ew. So take a look if you dare. Just don’t say the words!



(Via Dread Central)

Fright Night Sequel Sink Its Teeth in a Director?
Earlier this week, it was reported that there will be a Direct-to-Video (a term I love, by the way) Fright Night sequel and they may have possibly found a director. Shock Till You Drop has found that Eduardo Rodriguez, whose work includes El Gringo, Stash House and Curandero, is in talks to direct what is being called a ‘stand alone sequel’. This means we can expect different characters and a story, possibly unrelated to the first film. So that means no Anton Yelchin or Colin Farrell. Sorry, ladies.

(Via Dread Central)

Texas Chainsaw 3D New Poster Buzzes
Just in time for Halloween, this new motion poster for Texas Chainsaw 3D (guess they decided to leave out the ‘Massacre’ from the title) shreds its way on to the internet. It’s kinda cool, but is it just me or does Leatherface look rather goofy in this film? The film opens in theaters nationwide on January 4th, 2013!


(Via Dread Central)


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