HorrorHound Indianapolis

Horror Hound Magazine not only continues to be the best horror mag out there, but also contributes a lot to the community. This past weekend in Indianapolis, HH partnered with none other than Jamie Lee Curtis to raise money for the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. It may seem like Indy, being halfway across the country from LA, wouldn’t be an ideal place to host, but you would be wrong. Supporters and horror fans traveled from all over the states to give to the cause and a chance to meet not only Jamie Lee Curtis, but others like Tommy Lee Wallace, Lance Guest, Nick Castle and Tom Atkins.

I arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed at a time I assumed was early, but much to my surprise, several lines were formed with eager fans who brought posters, Michael Myers masks and other Halloween memorabilia from home, just to have it signed by one of the many incredible guests. But long lines don’t disappoint these fans. As I walked by, every face had a grin, ear to ear, anxiously awaiting to meet the celebrities. I overheard fans talk about who they couldn’t wait to meet, what friends of theirs wouldn’t believe when they show up with an autograph and the merch they couldn’t wait to buy. I entered the main room with all of the vendors, prepping my equipment; Nick Castle and Tommy Lee Wallace were sitting mere feet in front of me. Brad Loree and Chris Durand were to my right. I looked around with the largest, goofiest smile on my face. Then I heard what sounded like a stampede. I looked up as waves of the convention goers flooded in. Scream Factory artist Nathan Milliner was displaying his fantastic artwork and greeting fans and telling them about upcoming projects (one being Scream Factory’s release of The Burning).

Like anyone else there, I didn’t know where to start. The folks at the Troma both, holding true to their spirit, poked fun at me in a playful manner for looking, but not buying. Local and distant small shops or private sellers were more than happy to tell you where they were from and about their amazing work. This is where I happened upon Brad Jones, better known to his fans as the Cinema Snob. He allowed an interview and we talked afterwards for a very long time about the exploitation film genre, our favorites and laughed at the silly moments in them. This is a moment I will remember forever.

Across the hall in a room that only seemed to get smaller as it was filled, sat the Halloween movies and other John Carpenter film talent to make any fanboy squeal in excitement. As you entered, the lovely Adrienne Barbeau was saying ‘Hello’ to every passerby and displaying an original ‘The Fog’ track jacket (not going to lie… I really wanted to wear it). Next to her was the king of cool, Tom Atkins who was just as excited to be reliving all his fans favorite moments of his films. Across from him sat Leo Rossi and Lance Guest, Halloween II veterans. I had to stop by as a fan and tell Lance that he was my hero as a kid in The Last Starfighter. He smiled and shook my hand and told me how appreciative he was to hear that.

Later that evening, I sat in on the very first Scream! Factory panel, impatiently awaiting a few titles they would be releasing in 2013. For those of you who don’t know, Scream! Factory is the sister company of Shout! Factory (known best for releasing some of the best, but maybe forgotten TV Shows). Kristy Jett of Fright-Rags introduced them, asked some questions about the origins of the company and finally we saw trailers for the upcoming releases: The Fog, The Howling, The Burning (a personal favorite of mine), Life Force, Night of the Comet and Day of the Dead. Even though 2013 is around the corner, it seems like a very long wait.

It wasn’t until the second day that the guest of honor, Jamie Lee Curtis was present, who then signed autographs and met with fans from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m., then a Q&A for well over an hour. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is. Jamie was full of lively energy and excitement the entire time, never showing a moment of fatigue. And this is the thing I love most about conventions; the level of energy and excitement. Guests are never rude or forgetting of their fans. That’s why they do these things.

The greatest feeling I have is being a part of one of the greatest communities, the horror communities. We are one of the few that get crowds of people together in unity to celebrate the thing we love most. I’d like to thank all the guests and everyone at HorrorHound and everyone who attended. Without any of you, none of this would be possible. I can’t express how happy I am to see all of this come together, especially when it’s for a good cause.

After all, it’s Halloween… Everyone is entitled to one good cause…


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