Donate to Plan 9 From Outer Space Cartoon

Plan 9 From Outer Space is legendary for its cheap props and special effects from film maker Ed Wood. Heck, you can even find some hilarious commentary for it courtesy of Rifftrax. I believe there is also a remake (unreleased at this moment) featuring Cinemassacre’s Angry Video Game Nerd himself, James Rolfe. It’s arguably one of the worst films of all time, but it’s so charismatic and memorable, made from a man who just loved to make films. Today I received an official press release from Nicholas Triarchos of Bad Aftertaste Animation about a cartoon based off the cult classic film.


Bad Aftertaste Animation needs your Angora!

NICOSIA, Cyprus – May 6th, 2013

Greetings, earthlings. You better turn on your dictorobitaries for the following

Bad Aftertaste Animation would love to affect you in the future with this future event:
a cartoon remake of Plan 9 From Outer Space, featuring a complete new sound track –
voices, music and, as a change, acting! – and animated goodness, from special effects to
Vampira’s wooden movements. Yes, ‘ooh!’ I hear you say awestruck.

However, world domination cannot happen without your help funding this project,
since our electrode guns aren’t working, and dropping them on the ground doesn’t help. We
have started an IndieGoGo campaign trying to collect the necessary material for our attack on

You can head over to for our crowd-funding
campaign, or you can help spread the word. Either way, you’d be helping getting this saucer
where it came from: from up there!

About Bad Aftertaste Animation

Bad Aftertaste Animation was founded in 2012 by Nicholas Triarchos, a short-film &
TV director, writer & sound artist from Cyprus, whose work has been featured in the 2012
film Sinister by Scott Derrickson.

Bad Aftertaste Animation aims to produce dark comedy animated features & shorts to
further the boundaries of independent animation.

If you can, throw them a couple bucks. It’s cool ideas like this that need to happen.


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