“Andrew is some sort of machine sent from the future to write reviews and to eliminate John Conners.” – Steve Jencks of The Lost Highway

I was born in upstate New York, but I grew up in the heart land of Kansas. It was there through various small video stores, I became interested and learned about horror and exploitation films. I moved back to upstate New York in my mid teens where my interest for these films grew, with help from ever resourceful internet.

Becoming obsessed with these films, I tried writing several of my own. I learned how to use various editing software and how to use cameras and camcorders. Now I spend my days as a writer/editor for The Lost Highway. A site dedicated to reviewing all those odd cult films we all love, digging for the latest horror news and going to conventions for interviews and of course… the experience.

My movie collection seems to grow every day and I thought, ‘Hey, why not write about these?” Throughout the years I did learn to make these reviews because they are fun to do. Not to try and become famous or make money. I enjoy entertaining, however big or small my audience may be, with my reviews and other videos. I hope people are having as much fun watching them as I am making them.

Currently, I write reviews and host the monthly podcast for The Lost Highway and write news for iHorror as well as Kinky Horror (ran by the lovely Diana Prince of Brazzers).


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